Building an arcade machine is actually simple, we recommend going down the JAMMA route. JAMMA is a standard across arcade machines, this means once you wire up your cabinet with a JAMMA harness you can change over JAMMA boards within minutes.


You'll also have to decide on what type of cabinet you want to build before you can choose a board though. If you want a sit down facing cocktail cabinet you'd probably want to go our Vertical boards which will auto flip the screen for the 2nd player. the vertical boards require your screen to be in the vertical position, i.e. portrait, which means you'll need to physically turn your screen 90 degrees for mounting. Our other boards with more recent games are called horizontal boards which the screen is mounted in their normal direction. Theses boards have newer games like Street Fighter, Teen Age mutant ninja turtles etc.


Break down of recommend boards to cabinets


Bar Top (ours) : Horizontal board (note thiscabinet fits 17" LCD screens)

Cocktail Face to Face : Vertical boards (60 in 1 , 412 in 1)

Cocktail Side by Side : Horizontal Boards (19 in 1, 138 in 1, 619 in 1, 2019 in 1)

Stand Ups : Vertical / Horizontal : all boards, Just need your screen rotated in correct direction.


Our board with the most games is the 2019-in-1 horizontal board, this is a PC with a JAMMA board connected. You install it with a computer ATX power supply and power the buttons and joysticks with a separate arcade power supply for the 12vdc and 5vdc.  We suggest getting an ultimate kit , it gives you all you need to get up and running apart from a screen and a cabinet. Our kits come with full graphical instructions which lead you through the installation, we also have email / community forum and limited phone support.

DIY Ultimate Kits

Flatpack Bartop Cabinet