The Standard Joystick Zippy we sell has a back plate when moved will supports 2-way 4-way and 8-way. With the 60-in-1 there are 4-way and 8-way games. Take Pac-Man for example, If your joystick is in an 8-way configuration the game can get confused and won’t go in a direction if you hit the diagonal. If you've set your joystick in 4-way mode so you can only go up / down / left / right, it will work a lot better. Other games like 1942 which take advantage of the diagonals will suffer from a 4-way joystick.

These are the options:

1) Learn to live with the annoyance of either the 4-way / 8-way configuration

2) Have a dedicated 4-way arcade and disable the 8-way games

3) Have a dedicated 8-way arcade and disable the 4-way games

4) Have both

5) Install two joysticks on the arcade machine. One in 4-way and one in 8-way. The machine looks weird with two joysticks but will suit your need.

It’s all down to personal preference.